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With mental ill health a leading cause of sickness absence, most companies now recognise the multiple benefits that come from investing in improving mental wellbeing in the workplace and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted the crucial role employers play in helping to raise awareness of mental health and how it can be positively managed.

We have all had to adjust quickly to changes in the way we live and work and many of us have experienced increased levels of stress, anxiety or depression as a result. Having proactive mental health and wellbeing support in place for your employees is vital to help them cope with the challenges they face as we all continue to adapt to the new normal.

By prioritising good mental health and providing support for those who are struggling, businesses can help their employees to remain in and thrive through work and in turn reduce absenteeism and boost productivity.

Our range of mental health workshops, training programmes and consultancy services will enable you to meet the core standards for employers laid out in the Government’s 2017 Thriving at Work Report and embed a positive mental health culture at every level of your organisation, so that you  can create an environment where your employees feel more valued, more engaged and more motivated to help your organisation achieve success.

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Find out more about our Mental Health Services

    • Helping you to start the conversation about mental health

      These services will provide your teams with the language and skills they need to start talking about mental health and raise awareness among all your employees of their responsibilities in helping to create a mentally healthy workplace:

      • Mental health awareness training
        These sessions focus on:
        • improving understanding of mental health issues and how they can affect people at work
        • raising awareness among your employees of the support available to them and how they can access it
        • offering practical advice on how employees can look after their own mental health
        • equipping your employees with skills and tools they can use to support colleagues who may be suffering with mental health issues

      • Stress and resilience workshops
        During these workshops, your employees will learn about workplace stress, its triggers and how it can impact on wellbeing. Our coaches will provide them with practical strategies to help them build their resilience, so they can better manage their stress and even harness it to enhance their productivity
    • Empowering your leaders to manage your teams effectively with mental health in mind

      If you want your mental health strategy to have a sustainable impact, it is important that your management teams lead by example in prioritising mental and emotional wellbeing. Our coaching services will educate your managers about how they can successfully nurture a culture where all employees feel comfortable to talk about their mental health and seek support when they need it:

      • Executive coaching
        During these sessions, our clinical experts in workplace wellbeing will support your leaders to develop a mental health policy and enhance their own leadership skills, which will help them to drive dynamic cultural change within your organisation
      • Mental health strategy consultancy
        Our mental health at work experts will help to facilitate discussion among your senior managers and HR business partners and support them to create and implement a comprehensive and sustainable mental health at work plan
      • Mental health awareness training for leaders
        These workshops provide your managers and leaders with the opportunity to develop their understanding of mental health and give them the tools and practical skills required so they can more confidently support their employees to positively manage their own mental health
      • Emotional intelligence and empathy trainingYour senior leaders and managers will learn how to get the best from their teams by improving their empathetic response and prioritising the emotional and mental wellbeing of their employees
    • Going the extra mile to help you sustain positive change

      Our specialist training services for nominated employees will help you establish your mental health plan and embed your wellbeing goals within your company policy and culture, so that you can achieve long-lasting change:

      • Mental Health First Aid
        Delivered by accredited instructors, this globally validated two-day course is designed to train participants as Mental Health First Aiders, equipping them with the practical skills required to help them identify and talk about the early signs and symptoms of mental health issues among their co-workers and signpost them to appropriate support
      • Mental health ambassador programme
        This programme trains key individuals as mental health ambassadors, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to implement campaigns and initiatives to support your overall mental health strategy
      • Intensive training for HR and People Manager
        This training will provide your HR and People Management teams with a better understanding of the different mental health issues that may affect your employees and the strategies and interventions they can use to manage them effectively
      • Clinical supervision, cross industry learning and peer support
        Our clinically trained mental health consultants and psychotherapists deliver monthly clinical support and cross-industry learning calls, providing your HR managers and leaders with practical guidance on how to confidently and effectively implement innovative mental health strategies
      • Trauma Risk Management
        This one-day course, led by an experienced Trauma Specialist, Clinical Psychotherapist and EMDR specialist, will provide your managers with the relevant knowledge and practical skills to help them proactively support employees following a traumatic incident

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